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so we will be better prepared when we actually sail

The idea is to immediately start a virtual navigation in Sardinia, on a sailing boat, with routes, images, winds, coves, ports, which will then actually be realized during the spring-summer 2024 season.

Places will be proposed, situations of anchorages in roadsteads or moorings in the ports of Sardinia, visits ashore with the tender, technical stopovers, and all the stops on the summer cruise.

Subscribers to this experience will be able to follow the various scenarios free of charge that will be proposed virtually using Google Maps, photos or online, reviews and videos, naturally in their exact temporal location of the future navigation on a summer cruise.

There are also video calls between members, meetings during the weekends and even test boat trips at the end of winter.

Then, when the time comes for the holidays, then you will be able to really experience, at affordable costs, all the situations you already know.

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Here is an initial list of topics covered by virtual navigations

Itineraries – navigation routes, times and permanence at sea

Stages – places, anchorages, landings for ground reconnaissance

Location – where would you like to go? Beach, rocks, small bays, special places

Land connections – routes for embarking or disembarking

Calendar – hypothetical start and end dates for the holiday

Reservations – book your seat on board

Notices – interesting news to keep in mind

Weather – alternatives in case of changing conditions

Life on board – spaces on the boat

A special section of the site will soon be published, dedicated entirely to the Sardinia 2024 initiative, members will have privileged access and the opportunity to take part in online or live meetings.

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